"Made Easy" Bundle


"Made Easy" Bundle


4-Book Bundle!

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Packed with full-color charts, illustrations, simple summaries, and diagrams, easily carry around a wealth of information in your purse, back pocket, or backpack with the Made Easy Series by Rose Publishing! Whether you're a Bible study leader, a youth pastor, an evangelist, or a new believer, these attractive and colorful handbooks help you access hundreds of facts, tips, Scriptures, and key information at the turn of a page!

Paperback, 96 pages, 6.5"x 4.5". Perfect for individual study, discipleship, small groups, adult Sunday school classes, youth groups, and new believers' classes!

4 Key Features of the Made Easy Series

  1. Practical and Relevant. Each handbook is packed with practical and relevant information you can immediately use, such as: "How to Choose a Bible Version," "Biblical Beliefs of Salvation," "What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit" and more.

  2. Easy-to-Understand and Comprehensive. From religion comparisons to simple Scripture interpretation, get the most out of each quick guide with clear explanations, easy-to-read definitions, and step-by-step how-tos.

  3. Highly Visual. Packed with dozens of full-color illustrations, diagrams, and charts, get a visual understanding of each topic, religion, study method, and much more.

  4. Pocket-Sized. Whether you keep it in your pocket, purse, book bag, or car, you'll be stunned at how much practical information is packed into this travel-size handbook!