The Coming Destruction of America


The Coming Destruction of America

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by Neal Jackson

Endorsed by Dr. Ed Hindson!

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The Coming Destruction of America is a clarion call to the nation for this hour. With a pastor's heart, Dr. Neal Jackson clearly articulates the stipulations given by God for His divine blessing upon a land and the devastating consequences of ignoring those guidelines. Using the nation of Israel as a model, Dr. Jackson skillfully guides the reader through the workings of God's promises to a nation, and the results of rejecting those promises.

While God had a unique relationship with Israel, the lessons that can be learned from a serious study of her history are applicable to any nation or people. The blessings of following God and the consequences of rejecting Him are eternal principles.

Dr. Neal Jackson is the pastor of the Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, North Carolina. He is the third generation of preachers to be driven by the mandate of taking the gospel to the world.

Neal Jackson explains why nations once blessed by God eventually fall under His judgement. This powerful and convicting book needs to be read by every citizen who is concerned about the future of America.

-Ed Hindson, Dean of the School of Divinity at Liberty University