Understanding Revelation in One Hour

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Understanding Revelation in One Hour

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A World Prophetic Ministry Best Seller!

Dr. Hindson presents a thorough outline of Revelation and its many events in just one hour!

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“I want to take the book and make it simple for you in less than an hour!”

-Dr. Ed Hindson

For many, the Book of Revelation and all of its prophetic terminology can seem intimidating. If you have questions about Revelation and what it all means, you are certainly not alone. But what if you could discover the Bible’s most exciting book of prophecy?

That is why Dr. Ed Hindson, Bible teacher and author of many books on Biblical Prophecy, wrote his book, Understanding Revelation in One Hour. This short study breaks the Book of Revelation into seven sections and takes readers step by step through the message of the Bible’s final book. Dr. Hindson takes this complicated book and shows readers just how exciting and encouraging the words of Revelation can be- all in one hour!

This resource will help you experience the hope of Christ’s return and the joy of knowing that God is in control of the future.

One reader said,

“The book of revelation has a lot in it and sometimes taking it in smaller chunks helps me to understand and appreciate what’s going on in the world today and in the future to come.”

Be encouraged today and join us in Understanding Revelation in One Hour!