Israeli Schools Training Cyber Warriors

An Israeli daily newspaper, Israel Hayom, reported an interesting development in terms of world-wide security. Speaking in Jerusalem recently, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced that the Israeli government will be launching a new program for high school seniors in the 2018-2019 school year. The program will be coordinated with Prime Minister’s office of the Israel National Cyber Directorate to specifically train 100 high school seniors to become high level computer hackers and another 240 high school seniors to become high level cyber protectors. The participants in both programs will be taught by experts in the fields of cyber warfare and technology by some of the top minds in the world. It is widely recognized that Israel has been the leader in in cyber technology for many years and it has been – helpfully – exporting its technological insight to other countries. Israel’s cyber intelligence efforts have also been able to identify and stop thousands of terrorist attacks; both cyber attacks and physical attacks. This new initiative announced by the Israeli Education Minister hopes to expand the nation’s influence and effectiveness.

One of the Greatest Challenges Facing Humanity

According details released regarding the program, the curriculum includes extensive instruction on ethics and “permissible and prohibited conduct in the field.” The course will culminate with students analyzing the cybersecurity systems of their own schools and offering recommendations on preventing information leaks and cyber-attacks. Such information could easily be extended to other related technological areas for the benefit of Israel and her allies. The newspaper Israel Hayom quoted Bennett as saying “One of the greatest threats today isn't necessarily military in nature, but rather digital [and] for the first time, students in the education system will receive the tools to defend the State of Israel online.” Bennett called the students a new generation of “Israel's cyber warriors,” saying they will stand alongside the IDF's elite fighting forces in protecting the country. He added, “They are the tip of the spear on the modern battlefield, and I trust them to courageously defend those assets that belong to all of us.” Citing the importance of such a field of training the Times of Israel quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying “One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is securing our devices, our airplanes and our [technology] networks. This is a supreme test for our civilization ...We have to combine forces to protect the present and ensure the future.”

Relevant Bible Passages

Interestingly, many Bible teachers believe the Book of Daniel offers scriptural insight concerning the development of modern cyber-technology. For instance, in one verse, the Lord told Daniel to seal up the words of his prophecy “even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Daniel 12:4 KJV). It is the increase in knowledge that is perhaps the greatest benefit of the internet and related cyber networking technology. However, with an expansion of positive knowledge comes the reality that many will exploit technology for evil.  Thousands of years ago, the wise King Solomon observed that despite the fact of God enabling humanity to live in a way that benefits others and glorifies God, certain elements of humanity will seek out various schemes to exploit others (Ecclesiastes 7:29). It is the increase of positive knowledge and the prevention of dangerous exploitation that this new Israeli cyber warrior program seeks to accomplish. Let us pray they succeed.

PRAY: Pray for the Israeli youth who will participate in this program to learn effective means to identify and combat those who would use technology to harm others. Pray this new program will develop valuable technologies that will make the world a safer place.