Saudi Arabia Beheads 37 People in Mass Execution

In yet another disturbing example of the ongoing violence inherent with Islam, the government of Saudi Arabia recently held a mass execution in which 37 people were beheaded and one person was crucified! The Saudi government even went so far as to pin the body and severed head of one individual to a post as a public warning to others. The government said these individuals had confessed to terrorism-related crimes such as spying for Iran and plotting against the Saudi kingdom. However, Amnesty International – an international group monitoring human rights violations – reports that the men were “convicted after sham trials that relied on confessions extracted through torture.” Many observers believe that the charges of spying for Iran were fabricated in order to bolster support from the U.S. government and the anti-Iranian sentiment prevalent in Washington. Ali Al-Ahed, who runs The Institute for Gulf Affairs – an international group that monitors politics in the Middle East – stated these executions were politically motivated to send a message to Iran.

Inherent Violence of Islam

The penchant for violence inherent within Islam can be readily observed with these horrific executions. The country of Saudi Arabia has the Sunni branch of Islam as their official religion and firmly bases its national laws and policies on what is commonly known as Sharia Law that adheres to a strict interpretation of the Muslim scriptures; the Quran. As such, the fact that 34 of the 37 people executed were from the rival Shiite branch of Islam speaks to the violent nature of Islam in which certain verses of the Quran are often used to support violence and death toward those who will not convert to Islam, or even with other Muslims who disagree with other Muslims. One especially disturbing detail of this event is that one person who was executed was only 16 years old! Thus, as Islamic voices claim their religion is one of peace, there is a shocking absence of dissent from moderate Islamic voices at such events as this mass execution in Saudi Arabia.

Relevant Scripture Passages

Interestingly, while Islam claims to be a religion of peace underlying tones of their radical hatred can be observed in such events as the politically motivated mass execution of members of their own religion! As tragic as this event is, it can serve to remind us that the notion of Islam as a peaceful religion is a deception – devotees of a “peaceful” religion wouldn’t behead each other. Yet, this is, sadly, to be expected in light of certain Bible prophecies. Our Lord taught that “as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:37). Genesis 6:13 teaches that in the days of Noah “the earth was filled with violence.” The violence we can see in such a tragic event as this stampede certainly requires a disregard for human life, carried out by zealous members of the world’s largest cult, which we can only pray does not escalate. The holy book of Islam; the Quran teaches a violent doctrine endorsing the idea of a constant struggle between Muslims and others that can only end when everyone in the world has converted to Islam, either by faith or by force! As I have stated many times, any “religion” that is spread by forced conversion under the threat of death is, in reality, a cult. Let us pray their influence does not continue to spread.

PRAY: For those whose friends and family were killed in this tragic mass execution. Pray that they would be shown the errors and abuses of the false, violent, religion of Islam and that they could be reached with the Good News of the Gospel.